Illes Balears Ballooning (IB Ballooning) was born in 2006 after 15 years flying through Mallorca to offer a more exclusive and quality product. The first step is to maintain the activity throughout the year to break the seasonality, in addition to promoting air advertising.

Our team
• The operations director and flight chief Jordi Aracil Romero has 3,000 hours of flight experience . Other collaborating pilots are: Julio Alou (Karakorum), Carles Figueras (Kontiki), Jordi Rodriguez (Ultramagic) and Frank Holthöfer (FH Ballonfahrten).
A young and expert team that has represented Spain in several world and European to enjoy the best aerial sport.

• For this we have our aeronautical engineer Don Josep Maria Lladó Costa, balloon designer and one of the best pilots in the world who periodically checks all the equipment, performing tests on the strength of the sails, reviews on burners and cylinders, as well as controls on quality in the baskets that still seem new despite the years because for us their safety is above all.

IB Ballooning is an airline work company authorized by civil aviation for balloon flights with passengers, aerial advertising and photo-filming with more than 30 years of experience.

Jordi Aracil Romero
Director of operations
Director of operationschief of flights. It has 3,000 flight hours

Josep Maria Lladó Costa
Aeronautic Engineer

Manufacturer, balloon designer and one of the best pilots in the world who periodically reviews the entire team.

Jordi Rodriguez (Ultramagic)
Pilot with more than 800 flight hours and TMA (authorized maintenance technician). President of the National Technical Commission of Aerostación.

Julio Alou (Karakorum)
Pilot with more than 500 hours of flight, mountain guide (3,500 meters) and responsible for the “adventure” division

Frank Holthöfer (FH Ballonfahrten)
Pilot with more than 1600 flight hours

Carles Figueras (Kontiki)
Pilot with more than 1000 flight hours

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