DSC_0070Ballooning or balloon rides is a very attractive and interesting experience. In itself, the balloon flight is a quiet flight mode, thanks to the bag with hot air moves through the atmosphere with a lot of softness. Once the optimum or desired height has been reached, the balloon is situated in the wind currents that circulate and practically no sensation of wind or noise is perceived, only the sound of the burners breaks the reassuring tranquility.

But ballooning is also offering some “brushstrokes” of adventure. The ability to run a hot air balloon is relatively small, and the pilot will go up or down looking for air currents that modify the course to some extent. Given this limitation of being able to steer the globe, travelers know the place of departure, but fate is often quite unpredictable. Studying the direction of the wind and the point of departure can be predicted in a certain way the course to follow, but we will hardly be able to land in a point indicated initially in the map.
The balloon flight allows flying from skimming the tops of trees up to 5000 m. Of height in the same flight, to suspend almost stopped at a height desired to contemplate from the air, landscapes, villages, wild animals, … make of this type of flights a magnificent alternative of leisure and adventure.

El vuelo en globo permite desde volar rozando las copas de los árboles hasta ascender hasta 5000 m. de altura en un mismo vuelo, suspenderse casi parado a una altura deseada para contemplar desde el aire, paisajes, pueblos, animales salvajes,… hacen de este tipo de vuelos una magnífica alternativa de ocio y de aventura.

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